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Synthese Video

Expertise and passion

Over 20 years of experience in design and production of animated and interactive communication tools. Initially, it was in video that we presented the company, its products and services. But lately, the power of computer-generated images and the greater freedom of expression it allows, have made 3D animation our preferred mean of expression.

ICTs allow us to work for clients throughout France, but also worldwide.
A united and responsive team, attentive to your needs, wherever you are.

Our approach

Listening, analysis and creativity

Every project is different, and to ensure the impact of our video clips, we strive for the most adapted solution. This involves deepening the brief so as to assimilate the objectives, without neglecting the small details that make your difference.

Each project is unique,
but all follow the same methodology:
- Understanding to find the right idea
- Listing all the benefits to promote
- Screenwriting for the arguments come alive smoothly

3d movie 2d animation interactive game anaglyph 3d

Our Expertise: the art of combining the various techniques

Our motto: leave the technical matter in the backstage

No need to worry about the techniques used. For you as well as for us, the key is to focus on your goal and to... reach it!

This strategic mission implies the adequacy of the content with the form, and this is where CG graphics become the ideal communication tool.

Variety of graphic designs and styles alongside the freedom of expression without limits:
it is your brief that will guide our technical choices.

Behind the scenes: our techniques and softwares

Moving from the concept to a well done movie requires excellent technical expertise throughout the entire chain of creation.


Autodesk® Maya® is used for modeling, 3D animation,
dynamic simulation of physical effects and special effects (Avatar) with Mental Ray® renderer and its powerful raytracing engine (Matrix, Star Wars ...). Once the images are calculated, they undergo the final compositing (After Effects).

Synthese Video was finalist at the Imagina Awards (European competition) in the 3D simulation category.


Some projects are more impactful with clean and simple graphics. Our expertise in Flash® allows simple and effective expression, and a quick and easy broadcasting on the web.

Rhythm and Sound:

To ensure maximum impact, the editing phase plays on the rhythm of the narration, and the essential support of sound effects and musical choices.

Multilingual versions

The use of keywords can support images, in addition to or instead of off-screen voice. The International Master is available in multilingual versions easily adapted to the target audience.

A real teamwork to meet the challenge to give life to your projects in an efficient and pleasant way.


The convergence of ICTs allows the use of animations in an interactive way.
From simple movie chaptering to the real-time manipulation of objects, interactivity transforms the spectator into an actor.

Online: advert or institutional games for increasing awareness to a cause.

Real-time 3D: "SERIOUS GAMES"

Video games enter the business of professionals training:
- for management or sales: role playing
- for technical matters: driving simulation, assembly or maintenance.

Less expensive than learning directly on the machine, and easier to implement, the simulator offers high flexibility on computers, touchpads or directly online... for remote training.

It can also boost the training by bringing in playful challenges.

Stereo 3D

For maximum impact on your trade shows and conventions, we can add a new dimension to your animations: stereo 3D.
The movie is calculated as a 3D stereo version, and its effectiveness depends on the control of virtual cameras. The use of short focal length increases the impression that objects or characters "step outside the scope".

3d computer graphics video animation
jeux vidéo interactif
jeux vidéo interactif
3d relief

ICTs are constantly evolving. Synthese Video Team monitors technological achievements to offer trendy up-to-date movies.

animation stereo 3d
1 page and 10 video excerpts to know all about 3D for business!

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