SIMA 2013: an awareness film in 3D, introduction to the Michelin simulator of agricultural tires
introduction to the Michelin simulator of agricultural tires
The brief: "The right tire changes everything!"

On the occasion of the 2013 SIMA (Paris International Agri-Business Show), Michelin presents a simulator proving the superiority of its technology Ultraflex©: an agricultural tire designed to increase productivity. For a better understanding of this demonstration, we are asked by Michelin to make a film to raise awareness of the impact of the tire on productivity. Indeed, before comparing the footprints of different tires, it is important to understand the demonstration. This is the goal of the film that Michelin asks us to produce.

An awareness film,
to show what can be improved

Much like a teaser, we must raise farmers' awareness about the impact of their tires on their productivity (consumption, slippage, rutting, compaction).
So our 3D animation makes the observation of the different difficulties faced by farmers: slippage, rutting, compaction, high consumption, impact on crops, etc...

At the end of this animation, the Michelin agricultural simulator will take over to prove that the new Michelin Ultraflex© technology reduces the operating costs throughout the year, thanks to reduced compaction phenomena of the earth after the passing of vehicles, with lower fuel consumption and greater tire durability. Hence an increase in productivity for farmers.

Ultra-realistic design

So that the farmer could identify its daily concerns throught this animation, the 3D should be realistic. High power engines working in a large farm, leaning in the rut they are digging, and slipping on the clods of plowed furrows.

To suggest the impact of the tires on the whole cultural cycle, this 2-minute film evokes 2 particularly important seasons: summer (harvest) and autumn (plowing).


Great care has been taken in the 3D modeling, detailed and realistic: combine harvester, tractor and plow were created in a way not to be associated to any brand. These are "generic" machines which textures are tailored for maximum realism (scratches, dirt, oil stains ...).

Animation and rendering:
all for maximum realism

On a rather slow pace, the spectator is immersed in "living" and realistic surroundings: birds flying, wheat moving in the wind, clouds drifting, the combine and tractor plowing reveal their enormous power ... So much detail that give credibility to the film's message and bring the farmer to more technical sequences: slippage, rutting and soil compaction.

For more realism, atmospheric effects and dust are added in post-production and special care is given to the sound effects.

The camera plays slow traveling shots in an helicopter-style turning around the vehicles, following through the seasons and flying low alongside the plow, then going underground to show sectional views of the compaction due to the tires, before rising in a wide aerial view to send the final message:
"The right tire changes everything".


Fuel consumption


Creation of ruts