3D Animation Microdia
5 3D animation integrated in our 3Dswipe application for Microdia
Le brief :

Microdia, world leader in extrusion cross heads for cable production presents its product range in real-time 3D on their salesmen's iPads with the 3Dswipe app.

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In order to explain how their products produce industrial cables and medical tubes, 5 3D animated videos have been made and integrated in the 3Dswipe sales app.

Technical simulation of products in motion

The animations detail how each cross head work from the inside and highlight their innovations.

Ex 1: Microflex cross head with manual fine tuning animation (Mflex 9000-10 SFS+S 3ex)

Microdia’s Crosshead Series with Microflex system for 100% concentricity, are designed to meet the requirements for small solid and stranded wires, such as telephone wires, small CATV cables, minicoax or LAN.

The cross head, heated up to 200°, liquefy the entering compound (in the form of granules) and distribute it all around the cable.

The 3 conical distribution cartridge allows to produce cables with various layers, colors or ribbed.

Ex 2 : Mflex 3000-10 SL 3D Animation

This cross head is made for producing tubes: precision medical tubing, calibrated tubes, pneumatic or technical tubes.

The wire guide, in the end, allows to mold the inside shape of the desired tube. A slideshow presented in the end of the video shows the great variety of tubes which can be produced simply by changing a single part: the wire guide.

3D animations: rendered but also interactive and real-time

The HD 3D rendered animations have been produced in parallel to the development of the 3Dswipe for Microdia app: the way for Microdia to offer its salesmen a powerful and complete interactive selling tool.

3D realtime Application Microdia
Animation Microdia
Animation Microdia
Animation Microdia
Animation 3D Microdia