Michelin Pilot Sport Super : the world's fastest tire(1)
Michelin Pilot Super Sport (pss)technical simulation
Le brief

For the new Michelin Pilot Super Sport's launch in Dubai November 18, 2010, Synthese Video has made four CG 3D animations to explain its innovative features.

Designed for the fastest sports cars in the world, this new tire is the direct heir of Michelin's expertise in the famous world-class race: 24 Hours of Le Mans (13 consecutive wins).

For our team, 3 technologies to illustrate with a common challenge (required by a global distribution): make technology understandable without any comments (it seems so simple once done! ...)

Michelin PSS road car
Michelin PSS Twaron The power of Aramid
THE Pilot Super Sport's 3 major innovations in pictures

Twaron® belt for stability at high speed. Twaron (5 times stronger than steel at equal weight) used in the structure of the Pilot Super Sport, with its variable tension allows to tighten more strongly the tread than the shoulders. The centrifugal force is better controlled.

Gros Plan ceinture Twaron Tire PSS
Technology Michelin PSS Dual-Compound

Dual-Compound tread for performing tire on dry or wet ground

Two different compounds: the outside, a reinforced black carbon rubber provides endurance in extreme cornering. Inside shoulder, the latest generation of rubber allows the tire to break the water film on wet grounds.
CG 3D animation shows the car cornering on dry and wet grounds. It is supported by 2D compositing.

Explanation of technology Dual-Compound under the rain
Michelin PSS Animation Variable Contact Patch
Variable Contact Patch 2.0 for a tire that effectively sticks to the ground.

Simulation software has allowed Michelin to distribute the forces (and temperatures) evenly throughout the tire's contact patch with the road. Thus, while turning, the shape of the contact area changes, but the surface of rubber in contact with the ground remains constant. The grip is easily understandable thanks to a split screen that shows simultaneously the behavior of the car and the tire track (straight line and cornering).

Comparaison avec et sans Variable Contact Parch 2.0
Histoire du pneu michelin pss déployé pour les 24 h du Mans
And besides ... it is beautiful: the genesis of the Pilot Super Sport

Based on the technologies deployed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it was designed around the capsule (racing heritage), using CAD software ... a New Star?

Le pneu Michelin PSS modelisation 3D

1) The tire the fastest lap on the track dry. Test conducted in 2010 by the independent TUVSUD Automotive in sizes 245/40 ZR 18 and 235/35 ZR 19 Y Y meet its 5 main competitors.