X MultiWay 3D: the new generation truck tires by Michelin
3D animation Michelin Tire Xmultiway3D
The brief

Valuing innovation: a "classic" brief for the Synthese Video team. However, when Michelin describes the job of the R & D department on the new "X Multiway 3D" truck tire, we list as many as 10 technical innovations. The benefits? Unmatched grip, braking distance reduced by 25%, durability and low consumption: instead of creating a global descriptive clip, we created 10 3D animated modules to be used freely, interactively, depending on the audience and the place where it is broadcasted. A customizable communication package: to be integrated into PowerPoint presentations or to be mixed with real video sequences for didactic and convincing results.

Without caption text, the setting, the icons and the counter can suggest different types of roads (secondary, double-track, highway), weather (sun, snow, rain), seasons (sustainability) and longevity (km). As a result, each country can discuss the movie in their language, voice-over or live.

An international launch involves multiple translations. When it is coupled with a customizable project - 10 animations (in multiple languages and for different audiences) the question is: which one to broadcast? In what order? How fast? - It quickly becomes impossible to create all the useful combinations!

Hence here is the proposed solution: a versatile communication package.
- 1 technology innovation = 1 animation
- Meeting the multilingual requirement by creating animations sufficiently explicit so as to be understandable without any explanatory text.
Result: teams of direction, the Marketing or Sales use, in every country and in their language, the elements which they wish to value. Multi-purpose and scalable: when a tool allows tailor-built, users own it!
"Delta" sipes, extended shoulders, self-blocking double wave and self-regenerating raindrop sipes: so many innovations designed in 3D with Maya for each tire (front and drive). Rendering in mental ray is deliberately very sober in order to fully focus on the innovative technical components which are often accentuated by a color shade Fx managed in After Effects.

Usage Example (excerpt) posted on the site:

Example of video usage for the press:
interview with Jean Marc Lechene, European Director of Michelin truck tires:

You can see another example of a presentation in Polish:

Michelin Xmultiway 3D tire autumn and rain

Michelin Xmultiway 3D tire winter and snow

Michelin Xmultiway 3D tire springtime and ice

Michelin Xmultiway 3D tire summer and dry