Metso TS: Still Images & 3D animation sifted through screen !
TS screen of Metso 3D animations
The brief

After crushers, Metso Minerals gives the Synthese Vidéo team the opportunity to produce its communication for its new range of TS screens.

Creating high-definition images for paper documentation, and production of CG 3D animations as a dynamic tool for sales force, and training.
he TS screen: sophisticated technology coming from the R & D dpt. for the multi-screen slopes with variable and elliptical movements.

For a clear understanding of the benefits of these technological innovations, we chose to create simple animations but with an hyper-realistic 3D rendering ("Final Gather", complex HDR lighting, textures in Autodesk Maya Mental Ray 2008).

Thus, the international literature and virtual movies illustrate the benefits for the clients (40% gain in productivity, easier maintenance, reduced noise ...) while preserving the technical realism.

close-up of side of the screen Metso Ts

opening of side to control size and the flow of the raw material