Metso launches the NP15 impact crusher: virtual tour, technical simulation and 3D animations
Metso launches the NP15 impact crusher
The brief:
explain the technologic innovation and its benefits

On the occasion of the international launch of its new NP15 impact crusher, Metso offers its salesmen a 3D movie to accompany them in the explanation of the newly developed technology and the benefits of the equipment.

Several goals met with the 3D simulation:
- present the crusher's installation on an industrial site
- show the crusher's assembly
- Explain the technical process
- Prove the easy maintenance
- Highlight the technical innovations

Virtual Tour
The NP15 at the heart of a complex and realistic site

In an aerial view, you are approaching a gigantic quarry in activity, and discover multiple conveyors connecting the various production stations. This immersion in the heart of the crushing plant covers the production line of the industrial site where the raw material is sorted, crushed and conveyed from one position to another.
After a flight over the screening station, where the material is sorted in an ES screen (see our technical animation), a long tracking shot alongside the conveyor takes us to the position of the new NP15 impact crusher. It crushes the materials before redistributing them to the next production station.
The virtual tour ends on the crusher in operation. The cover disappears to highlight its heart: the rotor rotates at high speed and crushes incoming materials into pieces 6 to 8 times smaller.


A virtual flashback shows the assembly of the new crusher, isolated on white background for more efficiency and focus.

The heavy parts are installed one after the other in a continuous sequence-shot showing the main phases of the NP15 assembly.

The strengths of NP15 are highlighted by keywords in compliance with the new Metso style guide.

Technical process: the high inertia rotor

Once assembled, the crusher is animated in order to enable the analysis of its technology. Real physical particles are used to manage complex and realistic movement of materials into the crusher.

Stones glide to the rotor, which rotates at more than 800 revolutions / minute (deliberately slowed down in the animation) and are projected against the blow bars, pushed through a system of springs. In collision with these blow bars, the materials are crushed, then rebound on the rotor, and are again projected onto the screens. At the outlet of the crusher, the materials are 6 to 8 times smaller than their initial size.

Crusher and power are remotely controlled using IC 2000.

Easy and safe maintenance

Maintenance of this machine is simple and secure. Wearing parts (symbolized in red in the animation) are replaced via a maintenance platform easy to install once the crusher is open. The technician then uses the crusher's actuator and cylinder to pick up and replace the heavy parts.

One new feature of this new NP15 crusher is that it offers the choice to be opened, horizontally or vertically, for an easier access to wear parts.

Focus on innovation

Strengths highlighted

  • - SRR (Self Rotor Rotation) case, which allows the automation of the rotor's rotation
  • - The unique binding system of impactors
  • - The modularity of wear parts for easier management and lower costs

Finally, the new NP15 is reinstated in the scenery of the quarry and displays its strengths: performance, efficiency and easy maintenance.

Pass over the screen ES

Mill operation in transparency

Assembly of NP15 crusher

Grinding technique of NP15

Maintenance: replacement of a screen

SRR case