LOKOLINK: 3D simulation even more realistic
Computer graphics 3D animations of mobile solution of Metso
The brief

Replacing the incessant ballet of trucks by an autonomous and mobile system: this is Metso's solutionpour gagner en productivité. to increase productivity.

For the third time, the Finland team asks Synthese Video to create an animation movie showing the process and the benefits of this system. The CG 3D simulation: the best way to sell more easily!

After 2 mobile crusher animations (see previous articles: the Finnish crusher and the Lokotrack) Metso Finland entrusted us with the production of a realistic 3D animation of its autonomous mobile solution.

To be able to move the production tool: that is where the innovation is! The Synthese Video team has to place the Lokolink in a quarry and to simulate realistic movements.

Discover our Images gallery from the movie: click here (full screen view: right click - browse: arrows).

The realism of the scenes comes from the creation of an outside quarry. We use the "Physical Sky" module from Autodesk Maya software, which allows natural light rendering.

The realism of movement is essential. To recreate the actual movements of the Lokolink, the conveyors are articulated by the technique of "bones" which allows a true simulation of complex movements of the system.

The realism of the grinding is made possible by a cut-away view showing the crushing action within the Lokotrack. The crushing of materials is created through the use of particle systems. Thus the path of stones is visible throughout the process.

The realism of the record is enhanced by the use of the HD video format: 16/9 images in High Definition

Lokotrack and Lokolink transporting the raw material

The raw material is then sent to a new treadmill

Lokotrack in a career in a realistic way