Virtual Tour and technical simulation of the new HP3 Metso crusher
metso Hp3 : virtual tour and technical simulation
The brief

Show it all (or almost ...)
The HP3 crusher is the latest model (compact and more efficient) of the new generation of the HP cone crushers series.
For its international launch, Metso Minerals asks us to explain everything:
• implementation of the industrial site
• assembly
• simulation of crushing process
• Product benefits
• functions of the automation system

Useful to all company departments
The different parts of the video clip provide a visualization tool to each department. In this highly technical field of crushing, the 3D simulation becomes a kind of "Swiss army knife" of communication, which covers almost the entire spectrum of professional practice. From virtual prototyping, to training, through marketing tool for sales support, the 3D animation of HP3 made for an audience of technicians, allows everyone to understand the product, its features and its benefits.

Virtual tour: as if you were there ...
The video clip begins with a virtual tour, that of a production site: a quarry. On board of a virtual helicopter, we discover how to implement the new crushers on site.
A continuous tracking shot reveals the different devices:
• Overview of trucks and conveyors,
• passage at ground level with the PLC control IC7000
• rise along the installation to get above the HP3
• Diving into the crusher among the stones to penetrate at the heart of the crushing system

Assembling the crusher: the assembly phase schematized
How to assemble the HP3? The different elements are connected in seconds and allow a view of the components. A typical sequence but useful for understanding the technique of the cone crusher, which will be simulated in the following sequence.

Realistic simulation: the 3D chosen to show what is not "shootable" in reality
After seeing the parts, the 3D technical simulation will take its full impact in realistically reproducing the work of the crusher. To understand better the process, the HP3 is literally cut in half during the operation. This cross-sectional view, only possible using computer graphics, enables us to show how the crushing is done in reality: the cone eccentric while being in rotation within the crushing chamber and its action on the materials that enter the machine.

Product benefits: focus on the benefits to sell better
The features and advantages of HP3 are visualized thanks to successive focus. The sales pitch proceeds smoothly by enhancing the HP3’s specificity.

IC7000: all the settings made for remote automation
Useful for training, the sequence dedicated to the controller shows how simple all the crusher’s settings are, and so, for every specific function. Of course the following ones appear: start, stop, temperature and diagnostics, but also flow settings, and power supply. The virtual camera focuses on the IC700 in the foreground (so as to properly analyze the intervention of the technician) but allows to see the effect of these actions, in the background, on the crusher in real time.

Realistic 3D: efficiency above all
In the world of mines and quarries, the goal is less to attract than to convince, and this requires a deliberately very realistic graphic rendering. Thus, the beginning of the video clip required the modeling of a career in activity in order to recreate a credible environment.
Similarly, the simulation phase of the crushing severely tested the skills of graphic designers. Autodesk Maya and Mental Ray rendering engine software are our allies, but the crushing of materials requires a perfect control of the features of physical reactions as well, in order to obtain a really realistic simulation.
The scenario is not entitled to inventiveness, and must follow the most efficient possible demonstration. The real achievement lies not in the design, but in the production phase, that is to say the choice of axes of the shooting, the focal lengths used, all of it combined in the best way to obtain maximum efficiency.

Bonus : images available for printing
The realism of images, and the ability to recreate sectional views are used for printing:
• multilingual technical documentation
• posters for trade shows or conventions
• interactive demo in PowerPoint
• professional press articles

metso hp3 coupe image fixe

gamme hp metso

visite virtuelle carriere metso assemblage hp3

broyage hp3

Gros plan sur un bénéfice du hp3

système ic7000 metso automatisation du broyeur