Metso launches ES Series screen: simulation and 3D animations
Metso Serie Screen ES
The brief:
explain the technologic innovation and its benefits

On the occasion of the international launch of its new series of ES screens, Metso offers to its salesmen a 3D film to allow them to explain the developed technology and the benefits of the equipment.

A 3D simulation movie to:
- present its installation on the industrial site
- Explain the technical process
- View the MV vibrator mechanism
- Show the screen assembly
- Prove the easy maintenance
- Present its numerous optional parts and highlight its modularity

Virtual tour:
on-site implementation of the ES screen

Immersion into a quarry in activity: you fly over handling trucks, and follow the materials leveling with conveyors, from feeding to the crushing post, where one recognizes the HP crusher.. But this time, you go further in the production line, and follow the path of crushed materials, carried by conveyors to the new ES screen, discovered while operating. It is horizontal with ... elliptical vibration ...! The proof? In full screening, the disappearance of one of its sides reveals the technological innovation: the elliptical motion of horizontal screens.

Technical process: the elliptical vibration

The new series of ES screens is based on horizontal screens with high-energy elliptical motion.
We leave the quarry to find the operating screen with, then without materials, in order to dumb-down the innovative process. This complex movement is produced by the unbalanced masses asymmetrically positioned relatively to the center of gravity, and placed on rotating steering wheels. The 2 unbalanced shafts lines rotate in opposite directions generating an elliptical motion with a self-synchronization design. The kinematics is clear: the process becomes understandable.

MV Vibrator: the key element

The display of the MV vibrator and its automatic grease lubricating system reveals the ease of maintenance. It is around this key piece that the screen is being assembled, element by element.
The sequence is followed by a tracking shot between the screen floors so as to highlight the easy maintenance and easy replacement of all other module and component.

Options and modularity

Focus on the optional parts (spray pipe unit, dust sealing system encapsulation ...) and Trellex modular panels, allowing adaptability to various situations of screening.

Realistic renderings for maximum efficiency ...
and images for printing (posters and brochures)

metso Es image
Virtual tour

Screen Es

Cut of screen ES

Mv Vibrator

Option: spray