6 integrated 3D animations into our 3Dswipe application for Krups Automatic Expresso
6  integrated 3D animations into our 3Dswipe application for Krups Automatic Expresso
The brief:

Krups, one of Group SEB's brands specialized in coffee machine conception presents the brand new Automatic Espresso line in interactive 3D.

On the occasion of the launch of the new EA9010 model, packed with innovations, Krups decides to use 3Dswipe on tablet and its real-time 3D features to present, explain and highlight its technology. See the article.

In light of explaining the innovations embedded in this new model, 6 3D animation videos have been created in HD and integrated within the custom-made 3Dswipe application for Krups. In addition, these branded videos are displayed on various websites, social networks and online video-sharing platforms.

A double added-value

These animations bring to our application a double added value:

  • - A true user guide which explains how to make a cappuccino, an espresso, to save a new favorite or start descaling
  • - A technical simulation which details how the coffee machine works from the inside

3D animations of recipes

The new automatic grinding espresso machine offers a wide range of coffee recipes: no less than 17 preset menus are combined with editable settings.
This great number of possibilities, enabled by an innovative technology, rests upon a complex and recipe-based technical process.4 classic recipes have been reproduced in 3D: cappuccino, espresso, coffee beans and ground coffee in order to understand each and every step of their preparation. The videos display the process inside the coffee machine.

The following elements can be found:
- The coffee bean grinder in operation along with the automatic setting of coffee grinding fineness
- The interactions between the touch-screen, the electronic card and the system's components
- The hydraulic distributor and the Thermoblock system for water heating
- The automatic cleaning process (additional rinsing of the milk nozzle for cappuccino)

Programmable favorites: for a custom-made coffee

The touch-screen allows to create a multitude of operations related to the coffee machine (choice of recipe, maintenance, cleaning, descaling, etc.), but also offers users the possibility to save their own custom-made recipes (coffee: longer or shorter, full-bodied or light, more or less hot etc.). This innovative and user-friendly feature is a true difference maker on the coffee machine market.

This feature is highlighted by a didactic 3D animation which describes how to save personal settings in order to launch the preparation of a favorite drink in a single tap on the screen.


Finally, one of the animations allows to explain how to carry out a complete descaling process.

These videos have been created in order to explain the coffee machine's innovative technology to the brand's salesforce as well as highlighting the product benefits for an effective sales pitch. Available online, they also allow users to understand their high-end product specificities.

3D: calculated but also interactive and in real-time

The 6 HD 3D animations in computer-generated and calculated images have been produced in just a few weeks, in parallel to the development of the 3Dswipe for Krups app.
Two ways to capitalize on 3D technology. Pre-calculated 3D for the 6 videos, and real-time 3D for the 3Dswipe app: a way for Krups to diversify its communication tools, while bringing costs down.

Testimonial: real-time 3D is… amazing!

"It is astounding to see what is happening inside the product, I never would have thought it was that complex. I am proud to present and sell this product! This app is amazing!"

Head of product at Krups headquarters in Germany

Multiple development prospects

Witnessing the 3Dswipe Krupsfolio's success internally, Krups is planning on integrating additional products in order to train their salesforce and improve their sales pitch. Later on, the app is aimed at becoming a complete sales tool, true interactive 3D sales companion in their representatives' hands.
First developed on iOS for iPads, the interactive 3D app will be deployed on laptops and on the web with no plug-in so as to offer the brand new product experience to internet users.
And for these future developments, new upcoming 3D animations!

The Krups technology and expertise from every angle
3D Animation Krups EA9010 Expresso

Technical simulation of the E9010 model of Krups

3D Animation Krups EA9010 Cappuccino

3D Animation Krups EA9010 Favorites

3D Animation Krups EA9010 Descaling

Technical simulation of the E9010 model of Krups

3Dswipe application for Krups