e-ID and e-Health: 4 interactive demos for the "CARDS & IDENTIFICATION" trade show
e-ID and e-Health: 4 interactive demos
The brief

Ingenico entrusts us the implementation of 4 product demonstrations for its e-Health area (solutions for healthcare professionals, drugstores, liberal professionals, hospitals and insurance agencies) and e-ID (police and military police)

The goal: create an interactive tool to explain to visitors the capabilities of their terminals and solutions (prescription and signature of electronic care sheets, or control of secure documents for example). So, it is all about creating an application to showcase the ergonomics and efficiency of the solutions, and their perfect adaptation to the various uses for professionals.

The interactive application: make it simple to be effective.
On a trade show, time is running out, and the visitors’ attention is very volatile! We therefore suggest a very easy to use 2D application, with low-key graphics.

Graphics: clean!
  Graphics design: we propose a variant version of the Ingenico e-Healthcare ID logo: THE OVAL as a recurrent theme.
  Presentation of 4 main areas of use: it comes down to illustrating a palette of uses ...

So here we are with a menu shaped as a painter's palette in shades of gray. Whereof to be consistent with the brand and to promote in color the photos of the devices and the interactions with the terminals.

Application operating: simple!
  A double entry general menu (English / French)
  Easy access to 4 sectors, unfolding in an almost linearly fashion. The obligation to move on clicking on a "next" button allows you to scroll the business case step by step.
  A back button enables easy access to other sectors without leaving the application

Pictures and graphical elements are 2D animated, and allow to simulate the operation of the terminal: insert of the business card, patient’s health care card, drawing of the transfer to secure servers etc

Thus, almost no text is required: graphic animations are enough to understand (the few texts are used to specify different authentication or prescription steps)

Simple, lightweight and easily accessible and displayed online or on any mobile device!

interactive menu 2D animation to explain the flow of data between a terminal and the network 2D animation: printing ticket payment, animation screens and data flow