SIGGRAPH 2009 : Synthese Video on the lookout for newness
Siggraph 2009 new-orleans
The brief

- Stereoscopic Digital movies, Serious Games, Augmented Reality - The 36th edition of the prestigious Siggraph was held in New Orleans from August 3 to 7. International event in the field of "Computer Graphics" (3D, animation, video games ...), it allowed us to make technological watch and come back with innovative communication solutions: Stereoscopic 3D, Advergames, Augmented Reality …

photography of autodesk stand at the Siggraph

3D glasses new generation
Stereoscopic 3D: CG stereo animation movies.

With the launch of Maya 2010, Autodesk creates a comprehensive suite of 3D animation (Unlimited version integrated) with a powerful compositing software: Toxik, and an advanced tracking tool: Matchmover.

So we can produce 3D movies more realistic, and obviously in stereo version. The democratization of 3D screens and projectors will allow the view (with glasses) of stereoscopic 3D movies. We contacted several innovative software & hardware designers, and Synthèse Vidéo -in testing phase- is ready to meet the demand for stereo CG animations for product launches and conventions.

Synthese Video Plane rendering in relief

Serious games: video games for Business. Advergames

- Advergames (advertising games),
- Learning Games (for training),
- Business Games (designed to improve performance in management or sales)
- Serious Games institutionnels(to raise awareness about a cause), it is through video game (professional use) that firms communicate and develop their activities.
Synthese Video achieved last year a tool for creating team quizzes (quizz-e) easily adjustable by companies wishing to address their newsreel and create team building.

We have just delivered 2 advergamesto accompany the launch of a new product (news to be followed from the official product launching page on our website). Please contact us for any additional information or any foreseen project.

two advertgames for Ingenico

augmented reality
Augmented Reality: the virtual world added (embedded) to users' real world

From virtual objects to be handled via a webcam to real-time applications for customization of clothing, shoes or other accessories, Augmented Reality enters professional communication. The 3D content is "added" to the real world through a computer, PDA or camera phone.

Multiple applications: the camera takes a printed tag which enables a real-time 3D manipulation of a virtual object, as well as the launch of animations or games.

exemple of augmented reality
exemple of lego augmented realityjQuery Video Popup by v1.11

A publicity stunt if you print the tag in a magazine (like the Mini Cabrio) or on the back of packagings (Lego creates a POS to see the real-time preview of the future 3D result after the object has been assembled)! It is possible to interact with virtual elements by moving the camera or by pressing keys on the keyboard. There are many applications and games available with this new technology:presentation, layout of architectural design, training ...

Mini augmented realityjQuery Video Popup by v1.11

Further, the personalization through real-time tracking.
A useful technology to choose sunglasses, sneakers, clothing or hairstyle appropriate to its morphology, or configure their furniture: augmented reality invites itself in a terminal or iphone. Simulation, Training and branding: Augmented Reality invites itself in the pros.

Synthese Video in testing phase on several types of applications. Ask your own!