Groupama Grand-Est : "2008 Flashback" and the "APOGEE" project: Groupama in-house communication
Groupama Grand Est Flash-Back
The brief

For the staff day, Groupama entrusted us with the production of two in-house videos. Viewers appreciate the retrospective that synthesizes the past year.

Groupama wishes to demonstrate its dynamism and asks us to condense the whole 2008 year in a 5-minute movie..

And when a business plan improves competitiveness and involvement of employees, the interview is an effective revealing.

The 2008 Flashback: a retrospective of all what Groupama Grand Est realized during the year 2008: Cherry pubs, Amaguiz, events organizations, recruitment ... Synthese Video proposes a diary-looking design, and a rythmic photo and video montage of every event illustrating a very busy year.

APOGEE (Improvement of Operational Process of Groupama) is the name of the company project. It works well, and the testimonies motivate other services that have not implemented the project yet. Interviews and evidences: when employees are taking ownership and getting involved in improving the process, their words are a guarantee of success

Cherry of Groupama