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April 2012   





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Here we go!

First Newsletter from Synthese Video: this is settled, we suggest you to keep in touch. Quarterly, you will find the team's latest creations, with a summary of the briefs, the explanation of our graphics choices and of course the entire videos.

A good way of analyzing our approach, and why not ... getting ideas for your own projects.

Happy reading!

The Synthese Video plane in our 3D software Autodesk Maya 2012

Our News

TransferTo, Airtime Across Borders:
3 real situations in real time

"AirTime transfer": an innovative service offering airtime to relatives abroad. The TransferTo solution, already adopted by over 230 mobile operators in 80 countries, stands out from competition by offering a multi-channel (phone, web and POS) and available on three continents (Asia, Africa and Latin America). 

3 payment methods and 3 continents: How to do simple when the message is complex?

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TransferTo: click to read the article and play the video

Healthcare/e-ID : the world of Sims to picture
the dematerialization of healthcare systems in 3D

Ingenico, leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, entrusts us with the production of a film for its new Healthcare / e-ID activity launch, dedicated to security solutions for e-Health systems and electronic identity (eID).

Boosted by its leadership in France and Germany, the international development strategy of these solutions is based on the many programs dematerialization committed by governments and administrations.

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Healthcare: click to read the article and play the video

Virtual Tour and technical simulation
of the new HP3 Metso crusher

For its international launch, Metso Minerals asks us to explain everything: implementation of the industrial site, assembly, simulation of crushing process, product benefits, and functions of the automation system.

From virtual prototyping, to training, through marketing tool for sales support, the 3D animation of the HP3 is made for an audience of technicians …

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Metso HP3: click to read the article and play the video
Your 2011 oscar

Easycash, nod to Tron®
to enter inside the system

When asked by Ingenico to present easycash, its solution for international payment transactions, in a video, the Synthese Video team remained perplexed for an instant. The subject does not sound very sexy! ...

Later, after a brainstorming session, we proposed to illustrate the "backstage" transactions by entering into a world similar to Tron's® lightcycle races.

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Easycash: click to read the article and play the video
Synthese Video

Seduce and Convince to sell, motivate, or explain better.
Our approach, our methodology, our expertise and one leitmotiv:
screenwriting for the arguments to come alive smoothly and with impact.

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Cases of application:
Product Launch (reveal): valuing the marketing benefits
Technical Simulation: explain processes or technologies 
Strategic Communication: show services, concepts and objectives
Integrative Training: animated courseware
Virtual Tour or prototype: introduce the project to decision makers and investors
- Serious games: train or promote in a fun way

Our animations are available on all your communication tools:  
website, video projection, interactive terminal, laptop, integration ppt, DVD, Blue-Ray,
print, smartphone and even in stereo 3D

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