Le Bien Public - Tuesday 17th of February 2009 :
Company Synthese Video finalist of the European Imagina Awards 2009

Synthese Video competes in the "best 3D visual simulation" in the industry category.

It is a real springboard now available to SME Synthese Vidéo brought by the recognition of the Imagina Awards which selected it for the finals of the prestigious competition for the best 3D simulations in the industry category.

You should know that Imagina Awards awarded each year short-movies, video clips, on the criterions of the quality of computer graphics and special effects. Consequently, this challenge is a showcase for distinguished international companies.

Representing a crusher process.

It is equally the recognition expressed by other professionals as the reputation that follows for the three delighted creators of the small Dijon company.

Dominique Cassar still cannot beleive it, because it was the organizers of this contest who have noticed the company, through their website (www.synthesevideo.com) and especially through their latest animation which cought the jury's attention. The 3D clip for Metso Barmac B-Series VSI, commissioned by Metso New Zealand, was selected to participate in the finals.

What is it? A crusher! This may sound strange, but the manufacturer of the equipment for professional quarries needed a video that would makes intelligible their innovation, without a major technical speech. To do this, nothing better than the CG 3D technology, as it allows to show the heart of the machine in action. No other shooting technic could do, since we can easily picture the fate that may be made to a camera, diving in the crusher ...

Contacted by the New Zealand Metso manufacturer, leader in its market, the small dijonnais studio has worked for several weeks on this mission: "We have been working with them for ten years on various products. On this project, we used the plans of the machine, then the rest is a work of imagination to turn the whole thing into an attractive video clip."

The 3D allows total freedom. Thus, to represent a software creator for adjusting machine tools, we dared creating a spacecraft dashboard to represent a journey through the stars. "This lasted a few 20-second, and then we returned to more technical explanations", explains Dominique Cassar who has the habit of promoting industrial or commercial processes by being creative.

"We are artisans"

With Robert Tenac, manager and artistic director, and Francois Bourgeois, modeller director, Dominique Cassar provides the final cut and special effects of the video clip. The productions are used by sales force teams.

These are medias. Thus, the studio has produced a CD ROM for the Arcelor Mittal group, which held a major exhibition in the USA.

After being a subsidiary of Le Bien Public-News, this small company founded in 1989 assumed its evolution at a pace of a traditional studio.

It could have chosen to grow and hire, ten years ago, but Dominique Cassar values this traditional and "home-made" status: "If we succeded to work with about ten people, it would be nice, but it would be more about management than anything else then, and management is something I am not really interested in. In addition, we are going to do like everyone else and wait for the second half of the year to take certain decisions. "