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PRODUCT LAUNCH: the ideal marketing tool
Classic product reveal
The 3D for highlighting product benefits

It is the best way to present all features of the product in less than 2 minutes. Often used for conventions, to train salesmen, to elaborate the best selling arguments.

In this excerpt, Ingenico presents its new payment terminal in a realistic way. Used for conventions and trade shows.

Advantages: Tool for sales support – Realistic graphics

The 3D product reveal for highlighting the benefits (Length: 28s)
Technical product reveal
The 3D for highlighting technical innovations

The Marketing argumentation promotes innovation by allowing to view non-visible parts or used technologies.

In this excerpt, Michelin presents its new Twaron technology used in its Pilot Super Sport tire. Displayed on Michelin’s points of sale.

Advantages: Popularization tool for sales support – Simplified realistic graphics

The 3D product reveal for explaining the innovations (Length: 35s)
Humorous product reveal
Bring smiles to seduce

Deliberately exaggerated to catch the attention, the marketing benefits are valued in good cheer.

In this excerpt, Ingenico plays on the emphasis to present the characteristic of the new payment terminal.

Advantages: Tool for sales support – Freedom of tone

The 3D product reveal to attract prospects (Length: 17s)
Internet launch
A short format for consumers

Without argumentation, the 3D video clips allow placing the product in situation.

In this excerpt, Michelin opts for a teasing strategy. To draw attention, this first animation simply indicates that it will be a snow tire.

Advantages: Promotional tool - Graphics according to the positioning of the product

The 3D product reveal on the web (Length: 31s)
Comics product reveal
Differentiate while enhancing the benefits

The 3D allows unlimited freedom in the choice of rendering. If the technical simulation leans upon on hyper-realistic graphics, launching a product is often based on originality. The objective is to draw the attention.

In this excerpt, Ingenico launches a new terminal dedicated to mobility, and imagines a comics character placed in implausible situations in order to highlight the marketing arguments.

Advantages: Tool for sales support - Originality

The 3D product reveal for differentiation (Length: 1min 05s)

Technical simulation: the power to show everything
Virtual tour
The project does not exist yet?
No problem: visit it!

Powerful tool for decision support, the simulation can also be used as a virtual prototype.

In this excerpt, Metso Minerals simulates an industrial plant: the implementation of machines are viewed through a subjective camera, which allows viewers to get inside a crusher moving around in the middle of the materials.

Advantages: for Decision Support – Realistic

The 3D simulation for an industrial plant preview (Length: 54s)
Process simulation
Understanding the technical processes
and their benefits

Free from any physical or safety constraints, the technical simulation enables to focus on understanding the technical processes while preserving the production secrets.

In this excerpt, the virtual camera penetrates the heart of the crusher to simulate the crushing process in a realistic manner.

Advantages: Support tool for sale - Realistic simulation

The 3D simulation for production processes explanation (Length: 38s)

Corporate communication: DEVELOPING ABSTRACT THEMES
Everything becomes clear!

Explaining in detail a range of services can quickly become complicated. By creating virtual worlds, the 3D illustrates abstract concepts smoothly

In this excerpt, Easycash presents the "backstage" of payment transactions by entering inside the system, in the manner of "Tron Legacy". Transactions, embedded in armored vehicles, successfully pass the safety payment rules, before crediting the retailer.

Advantages: Impact and clarity of presentation – Originality

The 3D animation to show the services (Length: 1min 30s)
Corporate video clip
Consistent with the corporate image

Tool for motivation, involvement or brand image, the 3D animation gives a true personality to the brand.

In this excerpt, Groupama presents to its members the figures of the year in Cherry’s world, whose small car travels through the different risks to be considered.

Advantages: Enhanced image - In line with corporate values

The 3D animation to give life to figures (Length: 43s)

Training:learn at your rhythm
Watch and understand for know-how improvement

Often interactive, educational simulations can train technicians to phases of installation, operation or maintenance.

In this excerpt, the technician learns how to change a part and to adjust the machine.

Advantages: Educational tool - Simplified realistic graphics

The 3D simulation for technical staff training (Length: 31s)

"serious games"
Interactive games for professionals

Video games enter the business world as a training tool in Management, Sales or Simulation.

In this excerpt, the future driver uses a simulator to learn how to drive a 180-ton Lokotrack in a quarry.

Less expensive than learning directly on the machine, and easier to implement, it can also boost the training by bringing in playful challenges.

Advantages: Training - Fun, efficient and economical

The 3D real time simulation for drivers’ training (Lenght: 36s)
Guaranteed effect to create the event

For maximum impact on your conventions or trade shows, we can add a new dimension to your entertainment: the stereo 3D.

Advantages: Events - Originality

Synthese Video:Expertise and Passion
Listening, analysis and creativity.

Based on the brief’s objectives, the Synthese Video Team imagines a concept, screen-writes and brings it to life in 3D.

Our expertise: the art of combining different techniques (2D, 3D, Fx ...) and conducting technology watch to always be "up to date."

Our goal: seduce and convince to better sell, explain, train or motivate.

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